Monday, 31 October 2011

Second Tutorial with Michael Day

Summary of Tutorial
More going on in the river shots.Demanding image
Shot of placeswhere not a lot happens
Sun shot too contrasted.not working
Close up of river-reflections on surfaces- reflections of things off screen. Its more like my work.
Reshoot on misty morning? Visuall complicated/ Painterly.
Complex visual image.The undergrowth is all in focus
First river shoot had a bit of railing at the side- hint of the urban which dont dominate the image
film for minimum of 10 mins. 30 is good better to have too much footage than not enough. 30 mins if you want to catch the sun changing angles
Video in real time. Important part is finding the right section in editing

Course of Action Agreed
Keep it subtle. Think about the start and end. As a gallery piece loop it but as a piece of work dont
Footage I have could be complete through editing but be good to keep my approach now ive found it and try shooting different locations
Technically good just need a stable tripod
Get rid of bits that judder, needs to be solid.

Further reading suggested/ Artists referenced
MikeMarshall-photographs of brambles with only one bit in focus
George Shaw-focus on paths that lead to woods. Psychological effect. Woods put there to make urban space nicer. Reality of it is woods near urban space arent nice and are dodgy places
Aesthetically like Turner, John Martin and the textures similar to Monet
Graham Gussin- “The Fall” and his dry ice works

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