Friday, 11 November 2011

Final ideas for shooting

Being going to Church Stretton to shoot a lake i know of in the mountains. I did this to get a surface area to reflect off of. And cause i know their are details of human presence their that don't take over the landscape like a wooden bridge and some chapel ruins
With it being high up, their was a certain quality to the light as the air was thin. On day of shooting the mist was low so it added to the that quality
I was aiming to blend the two worlds of the natural and human together with the focal point on nature and the power given to nature. I did this by allowing the presence of humans to only be visable reflected on the waters surface. As the water was disturbed the image was distorted. However the image also contained reflections of the surrounding trees, so i a way the two worlds were blended, hinting at the idea that the natural and the human world are all part of the same Earth

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