Monday, 17 October 2011

Tutorial with Michael Day

Summary of Tutorial

Looking at where I am with sound work. Explained David Blandy suggestion of disjointed sound and place.
Can record a sound based on a space but disjointed ie outside noise inside.
Use the corridor space?think about the corridor space, confined and narrow. Cave? woodland eg owl noises?
Think about timing when editing, need time for the what was that….pause….listen again moment
2 different outcomes, defined sound in a context
Or headphone piece with unrecognizable sound
Looking at time and space

Course of Action Agreed

Try both
Record sound, use cheap mp3 player and record people’s reactions. Use the seminar group as guinea pigs to test it out
Set up before seminar

Further reading suggested/ Artists referenced

Chris Watson – sound recorder for bbc nature programmes
BJ Nielson – sound composer

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