Monday, 10 October 2011

Tutorial with David Blandy

Summary of Tutorial
Looking at making a sound piece for Movement image sound module
2elements to it: 1) the sound
2)the kit used to play the sound
I want a very heavy atmospheric sound,in gallery situation be better if I has surround sound with a sub woofer. The speakers etc can be hidden
Be interesting to create a sense of dislocation between the sound and space. Set up a contemporary office space for example with this “earthy” sound
To take the sounds from nature and dislocating them with environment also dislocates the sound. Making it otherworldly
To do with the self/animal/spirit (Marcus Coates/ Joseph Bueys)
Course of Action Agreed

To watch documentaries about the natural world, take scenes and disregard the video aspect, keep the sound, e.g will have the sound or erupting volcano but not visuals to clarify what it actually is, so left with the roaring sound.
Sound needs to be at least 15 secs or loop becomes noticeable
aim for 5 alternatives
experiment then by going out in the public realm, playing this sound discreetly and filming peoples reactions

Further reading suggested/ Artists referenced

marcus coates
joseph bueys

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