Monday, 3 October 2011

Presentation Pt 2

Time is at the center of metaphysics - Bergson  
Rush, M (1999) p 12

Art that has been born from art and technology is perhaps the most ephemeral art of all - the art of time. A photographs captures its presence a moment in image set inside a computer, then montaged,erased,edited or scrambled. Rush, m(1999) p 8
Rush, M (1999) New Media In Art, Thames & Hudson; World of Art

Metaphysics is a philosophy of questioning what is being, what it is to exist. To say time is at the center of metaphysics, which is part of what i am exploring, and that time is also non existant inside a computer, then makes it interesting to creating metaphysical art inside a thing that is timeless.

What and How?
Sound piece
Sets an atmosphere
imagery is wrapped in its own connotations
New Area
Marantz and Pro tools
I want to create a sound piece, as its sound and music that sets an atmosphere. Like when you are watching a film; there is more emotion conveyed when you can hear the music rather than watching it in silence. It is also a new area for me as i have use video before, but they have been silent pieces. I am also using film in my studio work so i want to focus on something different in this module. Imagery comes with its own connotations which is usually different for each person depending on their experiances. Music is universal. Id use the Marantz and pro tool as possible tools
Animation – Flash
I do have a few ideas where i could push my ideas into the realms of video

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