Monday, 3 October 2011


Peter Appleton
Natural forces to make sound

M W Burns- plays pre recorded sounds into a space to play on peoples space and reality

Kyle Bobby Dunn drone music

Augustine Leudar is a sonic artist, known for unorthodox and anarchic soundscapes and ambient music. Leudar frequently cites the natural world as an important source of inspiration.

Audium is a unique sound art phenomenon that has been presented weekly in San Francisco since 1967. Audium is a creation of composer Stan Shaff that is performed on original equipment designed by Doug McEachern. It is played in a completely dark theater designed to heighten the spatial effects of sound and for "choreographing sound in space." [1] Compositions are developed from acoustic and electronic instruments and from sounds of the natural world used as metaphors.

Mark Peter Wrightan "audio exploration of site, time, perception and landscape" focused upon the monastic abbeys in North Yorkshire

Carl Michael von Hausswolff is a composer, visual artist and curator based in Stockholm, Sweden. His main tools are recording devices (camera, tape deck, radar, sonar) used in an ongoing investigation of electricity, frequency, architectural space and paranormal electronic interference. He is an expert in the work of Friedrich J├╝rgenson, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) a researcher who claimed to have detected voices of the dead hidden in radio static. Hausswolff's own sound works are pure, intuitive studies of electricity, frequency and tone.

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