Monday, 24 October 2011

seminar and reviewing my work

After viewing my work in post roduction, although id captured some examples of people being affected by my sound, i wasnt happy. I didnt feel it related to my studio work, the proposal or the work i wanted to focus on.
Notes from seminar

Summary of Session

Screening to see where work is at the moment

subject matter- bit spooky with secret filming (covert)
Before figures in the screen its similar to birdwatching, waiting and observer
Concentrates on observing space

Human interest (antropological
Apply to different spaces – bus stop?
Course of Action Agreed
Dont judge work so shortly after making it take time to reflect, look at artists
Further reading suggested/ Artists referenced
roslin nashishibi -still it looks at things
Tacita dean – eclipse that dont happen

 I really dont want to make my work about people. I cant see where i am going from here but at the moment it appears im moving more into video than sound whic is what i originally wanted to do

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