Friday, 30 September 2011

Research update and idea....

Starting to look into Fluxus music videos. There is a piece by La Monte Young "Piano piece for David Tudor No2 (1960) There was instructions to open the cover of a piano keyboard without making a sound audible to you. Try as many times as you like" (Rush, M (1990) New Media in Art, Thomas and Hudson; World of Art- 24-25)
This confirmed to me that music can be used.
A first idea that come to me was to making a soundtrack to the work i am making in studio practise. Convert it into a MIDI file and use free software to change it into notation.
From this stage i had two ideas;   
  •   to print the music and keep photocopying it until it fades like the Wisps my work is about
  • to upload it onto a popular music notation site and film someone trying to learn it

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