Monday, 26 September 2011


Got two projects for this module:
  • presentation
  • produce a piece in digital media (image, sound or video) with the aid of tutorials
Two Intro modules
  • 13/10/2011 - video training
  • 20/10/2011 - audio training
Support work
Independant project  based loosly on a proposal. Allowed to make production teams if necessary, but need to make our own piece. In production teams, make sure everyone gets credited fairly.
If 3Dwork made to assist the project, good quality documentation is required.
Final piece is set at a maximum of 3mins in length

presentation- 10 mins in length. Keep broad but not so as it becomes meaningless.
  • what posistion do you want to put your audience in?
  • What position is it in compared to other artists? 
  • Map a course of progress
  • Suggest a list of questions you think will be raised
  • outline your past work briefly
  • relate briefly to any research, respond to the reading.
  • Describe what you plan and how to go about it
  • What software do you hope to use?
  • What do you hope to acheive by the next seminar
  • Questions
New languages for new media
Words such as fade, zoom, cut introduced into film. Was just a stand still camera

 Using pre-made work and adjusting it for your own use in your own work

The digital impacting on the work
How the format the piece is captured in adjusts to different processes

Shifts emphasis from artists to text to audience
Art was classed as art if the artist had played a part in its production. This shifted to what the work was about and the work had to read. With new media, the area of interest is how the audience reacts

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